Visual Palindromes


A book by Robert Hornung


340 pages, 340 photographs therefore. An A4 format. 150gr paper. A very high-end print. A softcover slipped into its rigid box which could make it the perfect Christmas gift. A book that should not be missing from any library. A beautiful object containing magical photos, not only thanks to the symmetry…



“This project started in 2014. All of the photos were taken during dozens of trips back and forth between Europe and Asia over the last 3 years. All of these places are places I have either lived – or at least spent enough time to feel at home. The true magic of a city only opens up to those who do not seek. (As for classic mysteries, just open Google.)

From then on, it seemed obvious to me to group the photos by city or region without taking into account chronology, political and meteorological situation so that you, my dear readers, can best feel the fascination of each place as well as of realize that in the end, everything looks strangely similar. »

Excerpt from HUI WEN NOTES

Why… Why not. – Robert Hornung (Luxembourg etc…)


« Hui Wen | Visual Palindromes » is available for purchase at Alinéa and on online bookstores Ernster et Amazon.

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