Interior design for shops and restaurants

Interior Design for Shops and Restaurants: Elevate the Identity of Your Commercial Space with EGB Interior Design

The profession of architects and designers goes far beyond mere aesthetics; it is a creative response to specific challenges. In the commercial world, this creativity takes on particular significance, requiring expert management of interior design to ensure visibility and functionality. This is where EGB Interior Design comes into play, offering a comprehensive range of services to guide shops, restaurants, and bars towards an elegant redesign and refined design.

Serve Your Business Identity

Our specialists are committed to shaping spaces that truly serve your business’s identity. Whether you are considering redesigning an existing space or finding the ideal location to bring your concept to life, our consultants, architects, and designers are here to materialize your ideas with originality and efficiency, all while respecting your budget.

Strategic Approach with EGB Interior Design

The space planning service of EGB Interior Design constitutes the crucial first step in our approach. We meticulously analyze the potential of your space, identify necessary transformations, and delve into the specifics of your establishment, clientele, and development projects. Working closely with you, we outline the guidelines for an interior design that adds real value to your business.

Enhancement of the Existing

Our expertise extends beyond simply solving problems. We excel in the enhancement of the existing, preserving the unique character of a place while optimizing its commercial potential. The interior design we conceive skillfully incorporates elements such as counters, tables, chairs, decorations, and iconographic elements, playing with materials, colors, and lights to create captivating atmospheres.

Strategic Partner for Commercial Success

Because commercial success relies on the ability to attract and convince, EGB Design and Build positions itself as your strategic partner. Our past achievements, including numerous store and restaurant redesigns, attest to our ability to respond quickly and effectively to the unique needs of each client. Let us accompany you in the transformation of your commercial space, as at EGB Design and Build, innovation is at the heart of every project.

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