EGB Interior Design was commissioned for the redevelopment work on the ground floor of the BCEE agency, located in the Auchan Kirchberg shopping center.

BCEE has expressed the desire to implement its new corporate design in order to better meet the needs of its customers. This new identity responds to a more modern image of the banking group while developing a new, more customer-oriented operation.

The development concept proposed by EGB is part of BCEE’s strategy, displaying a modern, contemporary image and meets expectations in terms of functionality, ergonomics and optimal flexibility facilitating the operation and management of surfaces. But EGB does not stop there and supports BCEE in carrying out and monitoring specific “design & build” work.

For this project, a complete demolition of the entire surface of the old agency was necessary. The colors mainly highlighted are red and white, in reference to BCEE’s visual identity. Key elements like the reception or vending machines are red and the walls, floor and ceiling are white. Natural wood touches warm the whole thing up.

The functional and accessible interior design combined with the open and friendly environment make this bank a space truly designed for the customer.

BCEE Auchan Luxembourg


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