Esch-sur-Alzette station will undergo a total transformation over the coming years.

A new bus station, the renovation of access to the platforms, in short a whole series of projects which forced the CFL to juggle with space and their work schedule to allow a gradual deployment of the different stages.

The first project was to be that of the passenger counter. The old station buffet would disappear to make way for new ticket counters and a passenger waiting area.

The technical challenges were particularly important here. It was necessary to integrate the elements necessary to welcome the public, in terms of lighting, fire safety, video surveillance, but also comfort with acoustic ceilings and an efficient HVAC concept.

Apart from the technique, the counters had to meet the demanding ergonomic specifications of the CFL and also correspond to their desire to display a more dynamic, more modern image. A desire to be as close as possible to its users. 

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