The goal of any business is to sell.

Whether it is products or services, sales cannot be made without promotion, without visibility.

In this shoe boutique project in the heart of Luxembourg city center at the corner of Boulevard Royal and Rue Porte Neuve, the objective was to create maximum impact with an extremely short budget and execution time.

The emphasis was therefore placed on the visual appeal. The result is opaque windows which serve as a support to present the range of brands referenced in the store.

In these windows, there are openings which will allow a selection of shoes to be presented. The choice not to present more shoes is the materialization of a message addressed to customers and underlines that the brand focuses more on quality than quantity. The product that is offered is not there by chance, it has been chosen meticulously and with care. This showcase represents the idea that our client has of his profession, being a buyer, an advisor, a shoe selector, a seller.

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