cube infrastructure MANAGERS


Vibrant elegance in the heart of Luxembourg

The layout of CUBE Infrastructure Managers’ new offices, located in Luxembourg‘s railway station district, was designed by EGB to foster a dynamic and stimulating working environment. Workspaces are ergonomically configured, with well-lit offices and open collaboration areas to encourage interaction between team members. Warm colours, such as blue and yellow, have been strategically integrated to create an energetic and positive atmosphere.

The reception area was designed as a welcoming focal point, reflecting the dynamic identity of CUBE Infrastructure Managers. Shades of blue and yellow are used to create a warm and friendly first impression upon entry. Modern design elements and bright accents help reinforce the company’s dynamic image.

By using warm, bright colours, the project aims to stimulate creativity, create a pleasant working environment, and reinforce CUBE Infrastructure Managers’ visual identity. The combination of these colours creates a vibrant and attractive visual palette, underlining the contemporary aspect of the project in the context of central Luxembourg. 

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