The city of Luxembourg contacted EGB for its new location on Rue des Bains, in the center of the city. This new agency “Infobox & AVL” is intended for information and the purchase of transport tickets.

EGB therefore carried out an audit of its client’s needs and established a development plan combining modernity, functionality and conviviality. The space has been transformed and reorganized to meet the needs of customers as well as those of employees.

The window sticker present on the glass partitions and the walls representing the map of the bus lines of the city of Luxembourg brings a playful side to the whole and refers to the activity and services of the agency. The space is very bright, thanks to the large windows letting in daylight, but also to the light colors chosen for the floor and ceiling. The bands of bright colors on the walls bring a touch of originality and modernity and recall the design of city buses.

Brochures and machines are highlighted so that customers can easily find them. Advisors are easily accessible and visible upon entering the space.

With its clean lines and functional surface, the Infobox & AVL agency on rue des Bains invites you into its world.

Guichets Infobox | AVL | Ville de Luxembourg

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