For this first Mexican restaurant in Luxembourg, the owners’ desire was to create a modern, urban restaurant/bar on two levels, with a strong Mexican identity, without falling into the caricature and kitsch of Tex-Mex decorations. D

n this beautiful town house from the beginning of 1900 the idea was to keep the resolutely European character of the place, to highlight its intrinsic qualities such as for example the splendid moldings of the restaurant room, while integrating the essence of what represents Mexico in terms of materials; leather for the benches and seats, large common tables in solid wood, a stainless steel counter & tables, denim curtains, in terms of colors using orange-yellow, cognac, bright red, white, sand-colored walls, as well as in terms of essential iconographic elements such as wrestlers, vintage photos of agave plants and “Mamacita” herself who watches over her guests with a watchful eye.

These associations, combined with controlled lighting, create a warm place where you understand once you walk through the door that the Margarita will be perfect. Buen Provecho! 

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