The development of offices near the central station in Design & Build mode demonstrates the support that EGB provides throughout the work. Here, no structural work, but the renovation of a 500 m² space that EGB Interior Design has redeveloped. This complete development project is an intervention that goes beyond that generally proposed by an interior designer.
Specializing since 1986 in the design and management of office development projects, the interior designers of the EGB office provide expertise and advice before committing to site management.

Such a renovation is based on an innovative concept integrating architecture, design, technical engineering, lighting and color management. Our turnkey projects are handled from A to Z by our interior designers who rely on a team of real estate experts to offer a high-end product combining beautiful functionality and modern design: false ceilings, false floors, carpets, lightweight partitions, modern and elegant office furniture, consistent lighting concept and suitable air conditioning.

Do you expect your interior designer to take your wishes into account? That it helps you formulate them and make them come true? Does it bring you new ideas? Do you ask your designer to add a little dream? But, of course, you ask the project manager to strictly respect your specifications and your budget. EGB Interior Design is the Design & Build partner you are looking for.


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