Banking Shop.

With its network of agencies, Bank Raiffeisen, like boutique hotels, plays the card of singularity with each new development project.

EGB was able to include the station district branch in this policy of originality, while respecting the values ​​of the bank and its own codes. The emphasis here was placed on softness with rounded shapes, and on warmth with a wood species with warm hues.

This new concept therefore does not obey a coded and rigid charter but remains consistent with the bank’s policy: this agency, like each of its clients, is unique.

Creating a bank branch involves a simple initial reflection : do we want to reproduce for the umpteenth time a concept that has already been amortized for a long time, or do we want to create a unique, original space, which would evoke a notion as obvious as : “This is your agency, not another”. The modernity of the design contrasts with the preconceptions about a bank with rural origins. Everything here is done and processed to serve the bank in its image and its effectiveness in supporting its customers. The glass offices of the advisors facing the entrance, a bright color for the counter, as soon as you pass through the airlock door, the message is unequivocal : “Our job… being there for you”.

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