In 2008, the American global asset management company The Carlyle Group decided to renovate and transform its Luxembourg offices. EGB INTERIOR DESIGN was then selected by the group for this purpose, and this is how the adventure began.

Today, office space highlights a timeless and modern elegance. To achieve such a result, our architects worked with different shades of solid wood and a palette of neutral colors oscillating between white, beige, gray and black. Furthermore, the kitchen was a very important point in the design of the space, because it is the place where everyone can gather and exchange.

Another essential point in this project was light and how to keep as much of it as possible. We then decided to install glass partitions almost everywhere to let natural light enter through the large windows and spread into the offices.

We currently spend most of our days at work, which is why EGB INTERIOR DESIGN is particularly keen to create spaces that suit the people who work and live there. 

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