The Verkéiersverbond, an establishment dependent on the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure aiming to improve the coordination of the public transport network, called on EGB for its move and its redevelopment work in the SNHBM offices in Kirchberg.

EGB noted and analyzed the existing situation as well as the needs through several interviews with the employees concerned. The solution offered by EGB in “design & build” allows the client to maintain total control during the project regarding important decisions which remain entirely within their responsibility, while EGB ensures all aspects of work management and the overall success of the project. 

The design concept for the ground floor of the “Altaïr et Deneb” building highlights a dynamic and contemporary image, while corresponding to the client’s needs in terms of flexibility and organization.

The space has been arranged to let in natural light provided by the high windows. The color palette used for this project highlights shades of pink and mauve enhanced by warm colors. The window sticker used on the glass partitions brings an additional touch of originality.

EGB was also responsible for the selection of custom furniture and joinery. The furniture brands chosen for this project are big names in office furniture, such as Sedus, Haworth, Enea and Ophelis. The main materials making up the furniture are lacquered steel, white, off-white and oak-finish melamine, lacquered and anodized aluminum, fabric, purple felt, epoxy metal and dark stained wood.

Overall, the subtle color composition and choice of original, modern furniture provide a perfect contrast that creates an overall feeling of a positive and welcoming workspace.

Verkéiersverbond | SNHBM | Ministère du développement durable et des infrastructures

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