Space Planning et Space Analysis

Space Planning and Space Analysis of offices, keys to a successful office layout.

Our architects take care of your premises fittings. Their office Space Planning and Space Analysis save you up to 30% in office space.


A new profession, the space planner, appeared a few years ago, born from the needs and demands of an increasingly competitive market. Arranging, organizing and optimizing office space while taking into account technical and ergonomic constraints while being as efficient as possible is in fact an objective that requires the intervention of a true professional. When it comes to renting offices and fitting out premises as well as installing offices, the challenges and pitfalls are numerous and while good knowledge of the company is necessary, a sharp and expert outside eye is essential.

EGB Interior Design understands this: we have made the analysis and layout of spaces a trademark and one of our professions. Our architects take care of your layout of premises, offices and businesses. Our office Space Planning and Space Analysis save you up to 30% in net office space!

RELOCATION – Finding and setting up office space requires global intervention and rigorous management at all stages of operations. Upstream, a good knowledge of the legislation is necessary. Analyze the existing situation, survey the needs of your company, those of your customers and your employees, study visitor flows, define or redefine ergonomic work, reception and meeting spaces, design an elegant design and a concept efficient lighting, relying on tailor-made furniture… so many imperatives that our interior design office meets. With its architects and designers, EGB will find the environmental, technical and aesthetic solutions that will make the difference.

Expertise and consulting professionals, recognized specialists in Office Space Planning and Space Analysis, we will be at your side throughout your project, guaranteeing efficient and sustainable developments while respecting your schedule and budgets. We are waiting for you to put into shape the big project that will give you a new start.

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