Space Planning et Space Analysis

Optimization of Office Spaces Planning and Analysis: Keys to a Guaranteed Success

Entrust us with the management of your office space projects. With our expertise in Space Planning and Space Analysis, we offer you the opportunity to optimize up to 30% of your office space.

The Emerging Role of an Architect for Office Space Design

The emerging profession of a space planner, born out of the demands of an increasingly competitive market, takes on the task of designing, organizing, and optimizing office spaces. Achieving maximum performance while considering technical and ergonomic constraints requires the intervention of an experienced architect for office space design. In the realm of leasing and office setup, the challenges are numerous. A deep understanding of the company is essential, but the insightful and expert eye of an architect specialized in office space design is indispensable.

At EGB Interior Design, we have made analysis and space planning our trademark. Our architects specialized in office space design take charge of designing your premises, offices, and businesses. Thanks to our Space Planning and Space Analysis services, you can optimize up to 30% of the net office space!

RELOCATION – Finding and Designing with an Architect for Office Space Design

Finding and designing office space requires a comprehensive intervention and rigorous management at every stage. Upfront, a deep understanding of legislation is essential. Analyzing the existing space, understanding the needs of your company, clients, and employees, studying visitor flows, defining or redefining ergonomic workspaces, reception, and meeting areas, designing an elegant layout and an effective lighting concept, opting for custom furniture – these are imperatives met by our interior design bureau. With our architects specialized in office space design and designers, EGB offers differentiating environmental, technical, and aesthetic solutions.

As professionals in expertise and consultancy, recognized for Space Planning and Space Analysis of offices, we accompany you throughout your project. We guarantee efficient and sustainable setups, respecting your timeline and budgets. We look forward to shaping the ambitious project that will mark the beginning of a new era for you.

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