ADEM | Turnkey construction and interior design

Turnkey Interior Design: Create Added Value through Design

When it comes to commercial real estate, our team of interior architects is committed to generating added value through design. At EGB Interior Architecture, we offer turnkey solutions, from Taylor Made at the cost of a standard building, acting at every stage of the project.

Tangible Achievements

A compelling example of our expertise is the project undertaken for the Agency for the Development of Employment (ADEM) in Belval. As consultants and general coordinators, we worked on the ADEM project, intervening at every stage of the premises’ layout. Acting as specialists in space planning and space analysis, we centralized information, harmonized schedules, and coordinated operations, ensuring coherence and efficiency.

Construction and Turnkey Interior Design

EGB Construction and Turnkey Interior Design’s complete intervention allows for the integration of the client’s specific needs from the start, absorbing the additional costs associated with bringing a standard building into compliance with the user’s requirements. The ADEM project demonstrated that our tailored approach is a guarantee of success. Throughout the 20-month construction period, our EGB Design and Build office closely monitored every development, ensuring the delivery of a custom project.

User-Centric Approach

Architects, engineers, and designers from EGB Interior Design approach each project based on user needs. Setting the specifications, defining a space occupancy strategy, developing a layout concept, analyzing the needs of users and visitor flows lead us to original and ingenious options.

Design in Service of Functionality

Our close operational services, comfortable workstations, ergonomic equipment, a tailored lighting concept, and elegant signage are integral to our approach. At EGB Design and Build, we believe that common sense and beauty go hand in hand. Our well-designed and colorful offices, delivered with expertise, testify to our commitment to functional and generous spaces.

In conclusion, at EGB Design, talent and expertise make the difference. The turnkey interior design we offer is more than just a service. It is a creation that adds value to the professional environment, combining aesthetics, functionality, and user satisfaction.

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