ADEM | Turnkey construction and interior design

The goal of our interior designers when dealing with professional real estate is always to create added value through design.


Taylor Made at the price of a standard building, this is what EGB interior architecture offered by acting at all stages of the ADEM project, an employment development agency, in Belval. Retained as a consultant and involved as general coordinator of the project, the specialist in space planning and space analysis was able to intervene at all stages of the development of the premises, by centralizing information, harmonizing schedules, and coordinating operations. All with the aim of achieving consistency and efficiency.

The intervention at all levels of EGB construction and turnkey development thus made it possible to immediately integrate the specific needs of the client and to absorb 100% of the 20 to 30% of additional costs generated by any compliance. of a standard building to the needs of its user.

This major turnkey construction and development project, delivered by the EGB Design and Build office which followed all developments during the 20 months that the project lasted, shows that the tailor-made solution offered by its teams is a guarantee of success. As is often the case, architects, engineers, interior designers and designers at EGB Interior Design approached the project starting from the interior and the needs of the users and then only took care of the building.

Setting the specifications, defining a strategy for occupying the premises, developing a concept for the layout of the premises, analyzing user needs and visitor flows led the office to come up with original and ingenious options. Close operational services, comfortable workstations, ergonomic equipment, a suitable lighting concept, elegant signage, secure access… The goal of our interior designers when they deal with professional real estate is to create added value through design. The beautiful open spaces are functional and generous, the designer and colorful offices delivered by EGB Design and Build and the interior architecture demonstrate that common sense and beauty go well together. At ADEM too, the talent and know-how of EGB design made the difference.

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