Interior designer and architect cooperate

Transformation of an 18th-century Building by Our Interior Architects

Preservation of Authenticity

The interior architect from EGB and the architect from Atelier Pia Mai joined forces to preserve the identity of an 18th-century building. The original agricultural mission has been transformed into a small, functional residence centered around the inspiring garden.

As evidence of this commitment to authenticity, the designers have blended ancient techniques with raw and contemporary materials, such as lime-plastered walls, concrete, and raw wood.

In this highlycomplex construction project, several stakeholders were involved. Firstly, EGB, as the deputy general coordinator alongside their interior architect and designer. Then, the architecture firm. Followed by civil and special technical study offices. A construction biologist, known as ‘Baubiologe,’ also participated in the project. Their presence was crucial when aiming to construct an ecological home, a healthy residence free from any harmful materials.The interior architect followed the method from the inside out, first identifying the characteristics and needs of different dwellings, the lifestyle, and only then addressing the enclosing walls. The remarkable design of the living spaces was clearly inspired by the numerous experiences of our architects in Vorarlberg and the Far East, particularly in Taiwan and China.

Regional Ecology and Economy

In an ecological and economical concept, both products and skilled trades were locally sourced, all coming from the SaarLorLux region.

Award – Bauhärenpreis 2016

The Lili’s Garden residence was honored in the Collective Housing category (more than 3 units) out of 317 projects. The renovation of this former farmhouse in Dommeldange has already been highlighted on the website.

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