Interior designer and architect cooperate

The interior designer from EGB and the architect from Atelier Pia Mai wanted to partly preserve the identity of this 18th century building by modifying its primary agricultural mission to transform it into a small functional residence centered around the garden inspiring.



Proof of this desire for authenticity, the designers did not hesitate to mix old techniques with raw and contemporary materials (lime-coated walls, concrete, raw wood, etc.).

In this very complex construction company, several stakeholders. First of all EGB, as general coordinator assistant to its interior architect and designer. Then, the architectural office. Then, the civil and special technical design offices. A construction biologist “Baubiologe” was also involved in the project. Its presence is essential when you want to build an ecological house, a healthy house free of all types of harmful materials.

The interior designer proceeded according to the method from the inside out, that is to say they first identified the characters and needs of the different homes, the lifestyle or mode of life, then only they took care of the containing walls. The remarkable design of the living spaces was clearly inspired by our architects’ numerous stays in Vorarlberg as well as in the Far East, particularly in Taiwan and China.

In an ecological as well as economic concept, it goes without saying that the products as well as the tradespeople responsible for the work all come from the greater SaarLorLux region.


Bauhärenpreis 2016

Of the 317 projects selected, the Lili’s Garden residence was awarded in the Collective Housing category (more than 3 units). The renovation of this old farmhouse in Dommeldange has already been highlighted on

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